Kingston Campaigns For (2020)

In early 2020, Kingston Graphic Design students collaborated with two charities: Amnesty International and SPEAR London, to build campaign materials and public interventions around London. The work was brought together in an exhibition at River House, Kingston Upon Thames.

A small group of the design students collaborated on the visual identity for the exhibition, which includes vinyl wayfinding, exhibition catalogues and risograph posters. The identity uses a green to yellow gradient to communicate the equal influence of both charities on the work exhibited. Due to a very low-budget, spray paints were used to give colour to the catalogues and the risograph printing process was pushed to produce a set of low-cost, variable posters.

Design Team: Ginny Davies, Ben Hopley, Chloe Hulse, Louis Hunt, Kal Lawrence, Barnaby Mills & Jack Niblett.
Photography: Chloe Hulse, Louis Hunt & Barnaby Mills.