Sleep Space (2020)

Sleep Space was a campaign made in collaboration with homelessness charity SPEAR London. The outcomes from the project include an installation with supporting posters and leaflets, as well as a short documentary film which features an interview with Dave, a SPEAR employee with a personal experience of homelessness.

The installation is modelled on the space occupied by a woman found sleeping rough, and is the same height as the average bed frame. It was displayed in the window of a popular home store, aiming to capture the attention of shoppers and encourage them to help SPEAR’s outreach programs by reporting rough sleeping when they see it. By dehumanising the woman’s sleeping space, the installation highlights the stark realities faced by those experiencing homelessness. The supporting campaign materials use architectural-style illustrations of the space to further this effect, and draw comparisons between the different spaces we all call home.

Design Team: Ellie Bunyan, Chloe Hulse, Lydia Millar, Morwenna Morgan & Flora Penn.